We Assess. We Address. They Progress.

Group Workshops for Students & Parents

If interactive group learning is what your child needs, Virtual Tutoring, LLC hosts small group tutoring and educational boot camps. In addition to hosting small group tutoring online, by participating in one of our boot camp sessions, students learn about different school subjects in a group setting. We also have group workshops and webinars for parents that teach them to foster their children's education at home.

Educational Boot Camps

We offer boot camps to cover many different subjects, for example one camp may feature stations that focus on math skills and another may have a focus on literacy or even a combination of subjects depending on the student's needs. If there is a particular subject your child is struggling with, ask us about scheduling one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Parent Workshops & Webinars

We provide workshops and webinars for parents and families that teach them how to help their children with learning in the home setting. Our workshops are intended to provide tools and tips that parents and other family members can use to help their children be successful in school and with learning in general. As parents, we can incorporate much of what we do each day into our children's everyday life. Real life experiences explain these skills and strategies to your child.